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Biotrue ONEday Lenses

Bio True Packaging
Daily Disposable



Bio True Presbyopia Packaging
Daily Disposable


Biotrue ONEday lenses

  • Made out of the breakthrough lens material, HyperGel, works like the eye’s own healthy tears to retain the same moisture level as the natural eye — for sustained comfort throughout the day.
  • In low light conditions (such as night driving) Biotrue ONEday lenses reduce the appearance of halos and glare around lights.
  • No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away

Biotrue ONEday lenses for Presbyopia

  • Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia helps you to see clearly and comfortably, close up, far away, and everywhere in between
  • No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away

Key Features

  • Lenses are made out of revolutionary HyperGel material
  • This revolutionary lens material is inspired by the biology of your eyes in that they:
    • Match the moisture level of the natural eye
    • The lens surface is enriched with a wetting agent that mimics the lipid layer of your tear film (one of the eye’s own barriers against dehydration)
    • The HyperGel used in Biotrue ONEday lenses therefore locks in comfort by not letting the lenses dehydrate quickly
    • The thin lens design provides for a remarkably natural feel and comfort throughout the day
  • Biotrue ONEday meets the oxygen level that the open eye needs to provide healthy, bright eyes all day long
  • No cleaning is required for daily dispoable lenses

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